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Timothy Leary In Folsom Prison

Published 1973

Timothy Leary: An Interview from Folsom Prison in 1973.

The 20-minute movie, "From Folsom Prison," was shot in the summer or fall of 1973.
(Tim got out of prison in 1976.)

Leary discusses his philosophy, drugs, prison rights, and his life on the run as well as his life in prison. (Prison footage from the 1970's; check out around 17:20 and 22:00)

Audio/Visual sound, color


Reviewer: rclewit - - November 2, 2009
Subject: request for information

I am researching Leary for a documentary. I would like to find a broadcast master and the rights holder for this film.

Thanks in Advance.
Reviewer: FromLaurelStreet - - March 4, 2009
Subject: Worth Listening
Timothy Leary was definitely ahead of his time.

Were he alive today he'd still be out front.

Leary is certainly guilty of a degree of self-promotion, but don't let get in the way of recognizing how right he was about a lot of things.